Artist Zillv // Mr.Karoon Jeamviriyasatean

I'm was born Sawi , Chumporn.
I've later attended Silpakorn University, which was Thailand's primary visual communication arts university.
I'm started out drawing PTT advertising on Newspaper and drawing SCG advertising on Metrorail MRT and Newspaper.

I'm a freelance for illustration cityscape ,and an artist in Bangkok,Thailand. I illustrate for Print Ad , Magazines. I’m Zillv, an illustrator living in Bangkok in the Thailand . I specialise in intricate cityscapes and patterns, along with a bit of hand-drawn 


- Designer of the Year : Emerging Illustration Design 2017
- First-Prize Winner UN60th Anniversary
- First-Prize Winner " Virgin Radio Thailand "
- 2nd Prize / Bangkok Chidren's film Fastival
- 3rd Prize "Anti-DRUG" Challenge young creative award 2006.


- Drawing PTT advertising on Newspaper
- Drawing SCG advertising on Metrorail MRT and Newspaper.
- illustatrate for Resturan in Pirate Chaimble  
- illustatrate for Web in Kratfka store

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