Artist Zillv // Mr.Karoon Jeamviriyasatean

I'm was born Sawi , Chumporn.
I've later attended Silpakorn University, which was Thailand's primary visual communication arts university.

The painting of map and main destinations in which recordeddetails of the city by ink from the smallest pen head and the magnifying glasson the cities images that seems beyond a map. It however records the bigbeautiful picture of the city, ways of life, architectures and cultures of eachcities. Before they last until present, they have passed long ages and timeswith diversity but charming. Thus, as the author lives in the current age, thenthere is a need to record the cutting drawing lines but keep the cities'details.The painting then differs from photograph or satellite photo with1:1scale

Theimage of the cities today would become the past in the future

I'm started out drawing PTT advertising on Newspaper and drawing SCG advertising on Metrorail MRT and Newspaper.
I'm a freelance for illustration cityscape ,and an artist in Bangkok,Thailand. I illustrate for Print Ad , Magazines. I’m Zillv, an illustrator living in Bangkok in the Thailand . I specialise in intricate cityscapes and patterns, along with a bit of hand-drawn 


- Designer of the Year : Emerging Illustration Design 2017
- First-Prize Winner UN60th Anniversary
- First-Prize Winner " Virgin Radio Thailand "
- 2nd Prize / Bangkok Chidren's film Fastival
- 3rd Prize "Anti-DRUG" Challenge young creative award 2006.


- Drawing PTT advertising on Newspaper
- Drawing SCG advertising on Metrorail MRT and Newspaper.
- illustatrate for Resturan in Pirate Chaimble  
- illustatrate for Web in Kratfka store

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