The ZilluStation ,This is Station that will take you to tour the city through citymap illustrations of Professional Pen and Ink Artist. Creating original works with prints available for purchase.

Zillv is a Bangkok based illustrator specialized in detailed landscape and cityscape drawing. Most of his work are entirely inked by hand on either paper or canvas.

Born in Sawi, Chumphon. A small humble province south of Thailand, where its untouched beauty of nature are still little known to most travelers. He later moved to Bangkok to study and graduated with a visual art BA from Silpakorn University.

Zillv have a love for landscape illustration since he was young. The detail of each tiny landmarks, drawn by only fine lines of ink. So small they need magnifying glass to see their full glory. Once step back, the map reveals a sea of human architectures. A record of life and culture, build and rebuild from a thousand years old of evolution. Landscape drawing are one such art that preserves the exact moment of history. His wish is to capture the very brief period of time he lives in into his work. An archive of art that preserve memories in a different way from photography. The old fashioned way human record their history since the beginning of time.



  • DISMANTLE exhibition by 10 Artists at Joyman Gallery , Thailand 


  • Designer of the Year, DITP's Emerging Illustration Design
  • Second Prize, Bangkok Children's film Festival
  • First Prize, UN Thailand's 60th Anniversary
  • First Prize, Virgin Radio Thailand

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