The ZilluStation ,This is Station that will take you to tour the city through citymap illustrations of Professional Pen and Ink Artist. Creating original works with prints available for purchase.

 Zillv is a  Born 1987 in Sawi, Chumphon. A small humble province south of Thailand, 

I began to discover my own preference toward art while I was travelling on the train to Bangkok when I was 6 years old. With an impression from the exposure to the city atmosphere that seemed so different from the countryside, the large city with distinguish and beautiful architectures in Bangkok led me to fall into the charm of the city. I would like to collect the memories that I had seen from my eyes and that was the beginning point for me to practice drawing my travel memories since then.  

Drawing was one thing I could only do in my age at that time and from many years of practice, I began to interest to study art in Bachelor degree level,Silapakorn University. After graduated, I started to work as an artist who drew advertising works for a while before shifting to be a professional artist and joining the art exhibitions. 

         I use micro pigment ink and magnifying glass in my drawing works to collect all the tiny details of the city to be as perfectly as possible. Micro pigment ink is found to be able to collect all the tiny details simply as making note or murals painting. It is a creative own style in form of “contemporary travel map journal”. 

         My works received an influence from the mixed between the historical map and architecture drawings using a Perspective theory to transfer the widest perspectives of the worldview map incorporated with the delicate details and complication of the city itself. My works were expressed through the slowly and exquisite micro pigment ink drawing into the
picture of citymap in utopia.

          With my dream and travels, I have an attempt to show the nice view of livable cities.     If the city has well design with continually and thorough public transportation, it would be able to heal the exhausting from work and allow us to expose to the nice experiences while travelling in the city. Thus, I have expressed the cities’ views that contain with specific identity and culture from the city plan and landscape.  

       With my strong inspiration and need to create the livable city, it rises the form of artwork that shows the map of beautiful travel routes that prompted to bring everyone to join into the amuse journey to discover the cities.

        Although, we may consider the city as busy and chaotic place, but it have lives; it stimulates heart and creativity in us to walk toward our destination in life. Next station would be the city in dream.



  • DISMANTLE exhibition by 10 Artists at Joyman Gallery , Thailand 
  • 'Keep Walking Bangkok' celebrates city's harmony 2022


  • Selected Worked "The 10th White Elephant Art Award"
  • Designer of the Year, DITP's Emerging Illustration Design
  • First Prize, UN Thailand's 60th Anniversary

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